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[W4A] Rizzolli & Isles + Xena + Batwoman

Hey folks!

It’s Esther Alperin a.k.a. ealperin.

My story, actually, started out as an idea for a short story in my creative writing course, at college, few years ago.

The gist of it is that there are two main characters, one is Josephine “Jo” Silvers, a metahuman homicide medical examiner, who moonlights as a superheroine, & the other is a Katherine “Katy” Mallory, a metahuman detective, who is, also, her partner/lover & moonlights, unbeknownst to Jo, at first, as a member of a metahuman taskforce/Justice Team that is trying to recruit Jo into their squad.

Think Rizzolli & Isles mixed with Xena, Powers, Batwoman by JHW the Third out now, Criminal Minds, & C.S.I.

Throw in some crime scenes that look..well…Superhuman/ inhumanly & physically impossible, & you’ve got what this is! ^___^

Now for the juicy part: Description. YAY! :)

Josephine, for me, is a mix of Angie Harmon, me (Yep. I did say that), Audrey Hepburn, & Elizabeth Taylor.

While Katherine reminds me if Halle Berry, Will Smith, &/or Samuel L Jackson had a lovechild with kickass dreadlocks. ;)

I’ve got a 6 page script set up, but it may need tweaking, as usual.

The, original, story, which I also need to fix up, in a couple of weeks, is on

If anyone, artist-wise, wants to look at the script, just pop in my askbox. ;)

P.s. I DO have an email, too. Just pop in my askbox, for it. I may ask you for yours as well, so I don’t end up getting shocked asking myself who the random emailers are who are bombarding my inbox. ;)

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[W4A] The rise of a supervillain in comic/webcomic/graphic novel form!

I have a weekly podcast called Supervillain Corner, and I’m looking to play around in the audio world I’ve created. My idea focuses on Professor Brainfever, a mad scientist of notable infamy, who has been captured and is forced to create tech for the budding hero community. The story follows the journey of his redemption and eventual betrayal of the heroes and the rise of one of the world’s greatest villains.

Concept art, for lack of a better term, was done by the amazing artists Steve Walker, and you can check it out here:

The podcast can be found here:

If you’re at all interested, email me at


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[W4A] PunchDrunk

"In downtown Melbourne, Nathan Lee discovers he has a unique gift: every time he consumes alcohol, he gains superpowers. In a bout of poor decision making, Danny decides to use this new found power to fight crime and Adopts the name Punchdrunk. After a while, his unorthodox methods of Heroing attract some unwanted attention, mainly that of Mister Malignant and The anatomy of crime. Throw in Spitfire, a superhero who is determined to make Danny take his job seriously, and you’ll have a recipe for danger and hijinks on the streets of the CBD"

I envision this as a light hearted cape comic. something in the same vane as nextwave and the Tick. I want it to have a slightly cartoon feel to it with bright colours and over the top action as the script calls for a few visual gags and  criminals dressed as body parts. Sadly this is an ongoing series and I hope to be pitching it the likes of Image and Dark Horse or, if all else fails, putting it online as a webcomic. I have 2 issues written so far but I’m willing to collaborate and retool if necessary. 

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[W4A] Short stories about druken government chimps and superheros


  • A short four to five page comic about a super heroine on a first date, when disaster strikes in the form of a eight armed/legged villain. Will the date end swimmingly or shall evil crush love before it even starts?


  • Three or four page comic, a drunken government chimpanzee and his tale of how he came to get his human rights, why he’s an alcoholic and his pet dog. Why does a chimpanzee need to drink so much? Can being a human be that tough?


  • Three to four page comic stars a mystical man made of spiders and his struggles to find something to eat only to be confronted by the home owner himself and what happens when a average homely man others a man with no past a chance to explain himself?

Three short stories about the life with superheroes involved, many of the superheroes do not show and focuses on the non cape side of things. For more information and scripts (coming soon) follow me at or drop me a line at

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[W4A] Ongoing Superhero Comedy Webcomic

We’re looking for an artist who’d be interested in a long term, ongoing webcomic, and is familiar with typical and/or old-fashioned superhero art style.  The series is a superhero comedy that follows a young woman living in an very idealized, old-fashioned comic book-y superhero world, and accidentally gets thrown in the middle of their struggle between good and evil—but as she gets in deeper, she realizes how ridiculously fabricated all of their lives are.  Much of it is a fun deconstruction of the superhero genre, as if Watchmen were a fun comedy—the Community of superhero comics, if you will.  We have some ongoing story arcs and do have some ideas for it to go darker and more epic places later, but it’s always going to be a fairly wacky and high-concept comedy for the most part, akin to Adventure Time.

We have the “pilot” script for the first issue finished and ready to go (though of course we are willing to make tweaks after discussion with the artist.)  If you’d like to read a copy of the script and have further discussion on what we’re looking for, contact Derek at and we’ll get back to you with more information!

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[W4A] Halt Citizen!

Halt, Citizen! is an original idea that I first wrote as a web series. It’s a comedy based concept that I’m trying to turn into a comic. The story is as follows:

Charlie (early 30’s) finds out that his father, well known author Alfred Moon, was the costumed hero The Scribe. Alfred decides to retire from helping the community and passes the mantle of The Scribe to Charlie. Charlie, in costume, holds an “Open House” to find other costumes in the community that will help him with keeping the neighborhood safe. Once the group of oddball/eccentric characters are decided upon, they set off to make the community a little safer; however, their biggest obstacle is often themselves.

I write snappy dialogue, so an artist can definitely stretch 2 pages into 4, easily. I have specific looks/ideas in mind, but I’m very open to how the artist sees things.

Imagine the cast of The Office or It’s Always Sunny dressing up and trying to help other. Doesn’t. End. Well!

If anyone is interested, comment or should me a message on here and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can. I’m also in the process of developing another original idea, so I’m serious about getting this started!

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[W4A] Female Superheroes Fight People Who Make Sexist Online Comments

I had this idea about people who leave really nasty sexist comments saying that kind of thing about a superhero, and I wrote a script for a comic. The comic would be six pages long (as the script is now but I’m open to changes). It’s rather simple, basically one of the characters sees the comments on an article about her, calls her friends who are other female superheroes, and they beat up the commenters. I do need to warn that the script includes the comments and they are pretty awful so the artist would need to be okay with that.

If you’re interested, I can be reached at

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[A4W] Concept artist - Superheros, Horror, Supernatural, Fantasy, Steampunk, Sci-fi…

I’m partial to fanatsy, superheroics, horror/thrillers, the paranormal, and western/steampunk. Or any piece with well-thought out characters.

Batman Adventures era RiddlerConcept sketch for a friend

Joker with clean lineart and flat color

Riddler facing off against Music Meister

My art can range from super deformed to semi-realistic. The strongest of my strengths revolve around characters, dynamic poses, and expression. Weakest are backgrounds. Colouring is somewhere in between.

I can either help you put together drawn out sample pages, or conceptual character art. This is useful when pitching projects to the few people who aren’t sold on words alone.

You can contact me through my email,, or through my tumblr (nuketastic). Full sized pieces of the artwork in this post, and more, may be found on my tumblr. Just be sure to check the “fanart” and “non-fanart” tags.

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[A4W] Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Super Hero, Comedy/Adventure

Genre is less important to me than how much I like the characters.  I’m partial to strong female leads (and, frankly, better at drawing women) but not opposed to a male lead.  I especially love stories that break cliches or retell classic story-lines with a twist.

My strengths are in drawing individuals and expressions.  My goals are to improve in backgrounds and panel placements.  I’m not ready to sign up for an epic until I know the person I’m working with better.  I think the length of the final project landing in 10-15 pages would be perfect, but that is not set in stone.

This is a link to my dA gallery.  Its got an assortment of fanart, signs of my obvious narcissism (I’m joking, self portraits are normal, right!?), and a few original characters that were made for role playing.

My e-mail is

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[W4A] For Every Action There’s A Reaction

Welcome to Avalon City a futuristic looking metropolis that’s home to 1.2 million people from all walks of life.  Avalon City lies on a transdeminsional fault line and as a result it exists in the same place in two different worlds-World Alpha and World Beta.

In World Alpha, Avalon like every city deals with crime on a continual basis. Corruption prevades every level and the criminal underworld causes a lot of chaos in the city. Thankfully, Avalon City has the superheroine Violeto, scourge of the criminal underworld!

In World Beta, Avalon like every city deals with crime on a continual basis. Corruption prevades every level and the criminal underworld causes a lot of chaos, but no one causes more chaos than Dark Rose.

The transdeminsional fault line has one simple rule: For every action there’s a reaction

Meet Violeto and Dark Rose. One’s a supeheroine the other’s a villianess. They are the same person existsing in the mirror worlds of Avalon City, unaware of each other’s existence. They fight against an opposing force-which happens to be each other-and for every action that one of them takes there’s a reaction by the other. Who will win this battle and will they ever find out about each other’s existence and what will happen if they do?

Contact me:

Talisha Harrison

Twitter: @TaliAdina