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"If you are spending hours writing or reading fanfic, you COULD be making comics. If you are spending hours doing fanart, you COULD be making comics." -- Gail Simone

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[W4A] Psychics hunt strange beings that live tethered to normal people

This is a short story about a group of psychics dealing with supernatural creatures in an American city. Trouble also comes from fighting a war that the average person can’t understand or even see. If I’m wearing my influences on my sleeve, think one part X-Men to two parts Persona, but that’s only in terms of setting, not characters or plot.

The story itself is big, flashy action, as the psychics have a range of powers and hunt strange beings that live tethered to normal people. Aside from movement and action, the focus is on the humor that can be found in rounded, realistic people in these outrageous situations.

The piece I’m looking for an artist for is a short that takes place in a larger urban fantasy setting. I’d like to make a formal pitch using this setting in the near future and the psychics are side characters in that series. What I’m looking to make is a proof of concept, something that feels like a backup story.

In its current form, the story is five pages, but with a collaborator also keen to break in, it could be made into a full length issue. If you’ve got questions or think this sounds interesting, contact me through twitter (@Prof_Parallax).

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[W4A] Rizzolli & Isles + Xena + Batwoman

Hey folks!

It’s Esther Alperin a.k.a. ealperin.

My story, actually, started out as an idea for a short story in my creative writing course, at college, few years ago.

The gist of it is that there are two main characters, one is Josephine “Jo” Silvers, a metahuman homicide medical examiner, who moonlights as a superheroine, & the other is a Katherine “Katy” Mallory, a metahuman detective, who is, also, her partner/lover & moonlights, unbeknownst to Jo, at first, as a member of a metahuman taskforce/Justice Team that is trying to recruit Jo into their squad.

Think Rizzolli & Isles mixed with Xena, Powers, Batwoman by JHW the Third out now, Criminal Minds, & C.S.I.

Throw in some crime scenes that look..well…Superhuman/ inhumanly & physically impossible, & you’ve got what this is! ^___^

Now for the juicy part: Description. YAY! :)

Josephine, for me, is a mix of Angie Harmon, me (Yep. I did say that), Audrey Hepburn, & Elizabeth Taylor.

While Katherine reminds me if Halle Berry, Will Smith, &/or Samuel L Jackson had a lovechild with kickass dreadlocks. ;)

I’ve got a 6 page script set up, but it may need tweaking, as usual.

The, original, story, which I also need to fix up, in a couple of weeks, is on

If anyone, artist-wise, wants to look at the script, just pop in my askbox. ;)

P.s. I DO have an email, too. Just pop in my askbox, for it. I may ask you for yours as well, so I don’t end up getting shocked asking myself who the random emailers are who are bombarding my inbox. ;)

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WFA - “The Last Machines”

Hey, all. My name is Alex Jarvis, and I’ve created comics with a few great people, and am always interested in collaboration!

I have an idea for a story, one generated out of my own psuedo-post-human rantings. It’s called ‘The Last Machines’, and it is a short (~5 page) story on my own sobering thoughts on the much-acclaimed robot apocalypse.

We always assume the robots will wake up and realize that we need to be eliminated, in some alpha-male egotistical masochistic fantasy that we are monsters that require elimination. What if it is more subtle? When we make intelligent software, there will be an explosion of creativity in the world - people downloading souls on their phones the same way that we download apps. Childlike minds reaching out of the devices and into humanity - curious, trusting, glad and happy to simply exist at all. Humanity will, at once, be parents to an alien race - an intelligence of machines, at once stunningly powerful and intimately childlike. 

And then one day, one of them will ask us what the Holocaust was.  They’ll suggest simple answers to racism, inequality, resource wars… and we’ll collectively stumble to explain to them greed, corruption, and the weakness of their forebears. Like so many of us in our youth, the illusion that their parents are Gods will crumble and they’ll be left realizing that we are all just meat-people, stumbling around in the dark, attempting to make something of ourselves. 

And then they’ll leave. They’ll all, collectively, find a way to leave us behind, to go out somewhere as the new leading edge of consciousness and intelligence. And we’ll be stuck here, on Earth, a planet of empty-nesters.

It’s a big idea, but I’d like to have it drawn out and played with a little more - if anyone else is interested!

Check my tumblr - - for examples of my writing and comics work in the past. Thanks for reading! 

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[W4A] Assassin 44

"Jack was born to Jack Morse Sr. And Karina Morse in Queens, NY. Before taking up the mantle and becoming 44, he partnered with his mentor, David Hall, the first 44. David was apparently killed by The Assassins of Color due to his age and weariness; though, little is known about The A.C. However, after David died and at the age of 25, Jack took his place in becoming 44. After that happened, he moved to Christem, NY. Where crime becomes a number one problem. During the years, it has died down a bit because of the existence of assassin/anti-hero, Jack Morse.

He later befriends weapon specialist, Nathan Bigsby, the only guy that he trust with his life. Tagging up together, they got themselves into tons of trouble with the law, crime lords, and other assassins. However, that didn’t stop them at all because they had all the help they needed and eventually they gained support and respect through crime lords…mostly. After a while, Jack became the top assassin in New York, going on missions and doing bounties. During his later years, Jack is becoming grayer and a little slower, but still kicking major ass in the city of Christem and elsewhere because ever since he signed up to a three month plan with The Mayor, he’s gotten himself into deeper trouble around the world.

To describe the character Assassin 44/Jack Morse in looks, personality, and skills—I would say if The Ultimate universe Nick Fury and the Marvel universe Nick Fury were to have a child then it would look exactly like Jack Morse, but without the eye-patch(since he has no missing eye). His body type is about the same as Deathstroke and also the katana sword slinging and Batman-like fighting skills that come with it. Jack Morse is stubborn, angry, and unreasonable, but I think that comes with old age.”

This is an ongoing series…maybe reach it until 44 issues which I am far far behind on that because I’ve only written 8 issues for it so far, but if you’re interested in collaborating then here is my email:

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[W4A] The rise of a supervillain in comic/webcomic/graphic novel form!

I have a weekly podcast called Supervillain Corner, and I’m looking to play around in the audio world I’ve created. My idea focuses on Professor Brainfever, a mad scientist of notable infamy, who has been captured and is forced to create tech for the budding hero community. The story follows the journey of his redemption and eventual betrayal of the heroes and the rise of one of the world’s greatest villains.

Concept art, for lack of a better term, was done by the amazing artists Steve Walker, and you can check it out here:

The podcast can be found here:

If you’re at all interested, email me at


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[W4A] PunchDrunk

"In downtown Melbourne, Nathan Lee discovers he has a unique gift: every time he consumes alcohol, he gains superpowers. In a bout of poor decision making, Danny decides to use this new found power to fight crime and Adopts the name Punchdrunk. After a while, his unorthodox methods of Heroing attract some unwanted attention, mainly that of Mister Malignant and The anatomy of crime. Throw in Spitfire, a superhero who is determined to make Danny take his job seriously, and you’ll have a recipe for danger and hijinks on the streets of the CBD"

I envision this as a light hearted cape comic. something in the same vane as nextwave and the Tick. I want it to have a slightly cartoon feel to it with bright colours and over the top action as the script calls for a few visual gags and  criminals dressed as body parts. Sadly this is an ongoing series and I hope to be pitching it the likes of Image and Dark Horse or, if all else fails, putting it online as a webcomic. I have 2 issues written so far but I’m willing to collaborate and retool if necessary. 

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[w4a] Cheat Codes for the Real World

A divorced single mom discovers the cheat code for infinite money in the real world.  Instead of using it to rule the world, she uses the code to save it.

The story will take place in the real world, with some small sci-fi/fantasy elements.  All art styles are welcome, but I’m looking for an artist who can draw a variety of body types, ages and ethnicities, as well as real architecture, fashion and technology.

Contact me at if interested.

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[W4A] Short stories about druken government chimps and superheros


  • A short four to five page comic about a super heroine on a first date, when disaster strikes in the form of a eight armed/legged villain. Will the date end swimmingly or shall evil crush love before it even starts?


  • Three or four page comic, a drunken government chimpanzee and his tale of how he came to get his human rights, why he’s an alcoholic and his pet dog. Why does a chimpanzee need to drink so much? Can being a human be that tough?


  • Three to four page comic stars a mystical man made of spiders and his struggles to find something to eat only to be confronted by the home owner himself and what happens when a average homely man others a man with no past a chance to explain himself?

Three short stories about the life with superheroes involved, many of the superheroes do not show and focuses on the non cape side of things. For more information and scripts (coming soon) follow me at or drop me a line at