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"If you are spending hours writing or reading fanfic, you COULD be making comics. If you are spending hours doing fanart, you COULD be making comics." -- Gail Simone

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[W4A] Intergalactic zombie apocalypse


Two female super soldiers who are genetically bio-engineered alien-monster-humanoid hybrids must protect what’s left of the living from the zombie apocalypse that’s ravaging the Adayo galaxy by the harbinger of death known only as Necrocalia.

I imagine this as a horror sci-fi story. The two heroines are women of color and I got inspired by a combination of things-anime & manga (Parasyte, Cowboy Bebop, Armitage, Trigun, Gundam Wing) music (rock especially), zombies, aliens, and more.
If you’re interested please contact me:

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[W4A] Queens of the Damned

Concept: Three New Orleans drag queens fight werewolves, zombies, vampires, and other forces of darkness in an effort to stop an impending apocalypse. It’s a gender-bending, genre-mixing dark-adventure-comedy all wrapped into one little web comic. 

I’m looking for an artist/co-creator for this project. Open to any style of art.

E-mail me if your interested.

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[W4A] Magical paranormal investigator vs vampire Santa and his undead army, the naughty list

Howdy, all. Subject pretty much says it all. Jack Ardin is an immortal guardian against all things creepy. After all his years on the job, he’s a bit run-down, jaded, tired of the endless routine. Jack possesses both dark and light magical abilities and must maintain balance or the darkness will consume him (a story planned for another time).

In this three-part mini-series (at standard 20 pages per issue), Jack is drawn to a crime that leads him to believe a vampire struck on Christmas Eve and captured his long-time friend, Santa Claus. [They share some common origin stories]. As the story progresses, Jack starts to notice commonalities in the young victims: they all have stockings full of coal. Jack soon learns that the vampire he’s after is actually Santa himself, building an undead army of children off the naughty list, leading Jack to most dreadful confrontation of his long, long life. 

I see this book as black & white with maybe splashes of colors like the Sin City movie; maybe not. I wrote this script with a focus on visual storytelling. There are few captions and dialogue only where it’s necessary. I describe each page and panel as I see it, but am open to discussing any alternative ideas.

In terms of style, I try to keep an open mind. The script is noir-inspired with the hard-boiled detective angle. I could see a very simple style of line art with strong use of contrasting lights and darks (like something from a horror manga maybe). I could see a detailed realism. I’d be interested in looking at any style though. You never know when something might surprise you.

For starters, an 8-page sample would be enough to shop around to publishers. That seems to be the standard submission size. Or we can take the sample to Kickstarter for the self-publishing route.

A full script for issue #1 is viewable here. Anyone interested, please contact me at with links to your artwork. Please have actual full page samples, not just pin-ups or sketches. Thanks!

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[W4A] Infinite Ammo - Video Game Thriller

In the future, video games are the ultimate escapism. Video game companies have found alternate realities and created “levels” of closed-off video games, where players take over the minds of residents of these worlds to play out their games. In the real world, there are Players and Architects and one more job—Munitions. Walden is the greatest Munitions expert of the Games. You play video games. Did you ever wonder who laid all of that ammo conveniently out along the trail? Walden did. 

But now a few players have gotten too smart and are out to play the game for their own ends. Setting their sights on Walden and his infinite ammo bag, these players (banded together from a handful of video game genres from fantasy to horror to steampunk and so on) are breaking the rules of the Games in order to get everything in the bag…and take their avatars into the real world. 

It’s up to Walden to cross the barrier, retrieve the infinite ammo, and save the real world from the Games themselves…

W4A looking for starters for just the first 8 pages of the first issue to send around for to potential publishers and further pages to come if it’s picked up by a publisher. For more information, contact !

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[A4W] Historical, Fantasy, Steampunk, Sci-fi…

Hey. I’m an aspiring illustrator looking to work on short stories. Favorite recent stuff has been Northlanders, Skyrim and John Carter, so something with historical concept work would be fun. I’m not necessarily married to fantasy or sci-fi though.
Sample art done for a workshop with someone from Dark Horse…

Conan sample

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[W4A] sci-fi horror/dark humor short

-I’m a cartoonist/writer trying to get more stuff of mine that I’ve written drawn. The premise? Think RED VS BLUE (remember that? The HALO parody?) meets HALO itself meets HP Lovecraft. Space marine-types in the middle of an invasion get lost with spookily-hilarious results.

-Less than 10 pages long.

-I can’t offer payment but can split 50/50 rights to ownership of the short, plus more on theoretical future payments (to work out after we establish working together)

-No timeframe on this since it’d be a no-$/split-rights deal.

-Would be posted up online either in a sub-page of my cartooning blog or another original place online just as a spotlight to show to people cartooning skills.

-Get in touch at

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[A4W] Concept artist - Superheros, Horror, Supernatural, Fantasy, Steampunk, Sci-fi…

I’m partial to fanatsy, superheroics, horror/thrillers, the paranormal, and western/steampunk. Or any piece with well-thought out characters.

Batman Adventures era RiddlerConcept sketch for a friend

Joker with clean lineart and flat color

Riddler facing off against Music Meister

My art can range from super deformed to semi-realistic. The strongest of my strengths revolve around characters, dynamic poses, and expression. Weakest are backgrounds. Colouring is somewhere in between.

I can either help you put together drawn out sample pages, or conceptual character art. This is useful when pitching projects to the few people who aren’t sold on words alone.

You can contact me through my email,, or through my tumblr (nuketastic). Full sized pieces of the artwork in this post, and more, may be found on my tumblr. Just be sure to check the “fanart” and “non-fanart” tags.

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The work is something I’ve been playing around with involving a demon travelling a humanity-ruined world trying to find a peaceful home to leave his infant son in. His only companion other than the precious cargo is a pubescent girl who he unintentionally saves from a doomed fate in a shantytown in the middle of a desert. As far as influences go, think Trigun meets Berserk. I would love to meet a passionate artist who would be willing to piece together comics. I’m personally not picky about art styles so long as the artist takes pride in their work. Additionally, I’m completely okay with communicating and taking advice from the artist regarding where to take the story. All interested parties should email I look forward to hearing any replies!

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[A4W] horror, action, dramatic interactions/expressions

[disclaimer: the above art is mine but the characters do not belong to me]

my deviantart:

I’d like to at least do a short story (~24 pages max, I guess) first before getting into some huge epic. I’m most interested in doing something involving scifi, fantasy, mystery, and the above-mentioned themes, and least interested in slice of life.

I can do a range of styles but (as you can probably see) my baseline/natural style is probably best described as seinen or shonen, and I’d prefer to work on a project where I didn’t have to ape someone else’s style too much.

I can be contacted at but I’d like to be able to talk through skype (marie.toole413).

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[W4A] Lethal Weapon meets Hammer Horror meets True Grit

A naive young knight in a religious order teams up with a bounty hunter to stop a vampire cult from resurrecting the Dead God.

Lethal Weapon meets Hammer Horror meets True Grit. Any art style is fine, from highly stylised to hyper-realistic, but would prefer stylised. Influences include Wakfu, Batman, medieval art/texts, westerns and Hellboy. I would prefer artists within the UK.

If interested, contact me at