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"If you are spending hours writing or reading fanfic, you COULD be making comics. If you are spending hours doing fanart, you COULD be making comics." -- Gail Simone

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[w4a] Cheat Codes for the Real World

A divorced single mom discovers the cheat code for infinite money in the real world.  Instead of using it to rule the world, she uses the code to save it.

The story will take place in the real world, with some small sci-fi/fantasy elements.  All art styles are welcome, but I’m looking for an artist who can draw a variety of body types, ages and ethnicities, as well as real architecture, fashion and technology.

Contact me at if interested.

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[W4A] Big Foot = CIA operative.

What if the reason no one has ever seen Big Foot is because he’s an assassin for the CIA? He killed Lincoln, JFK, etc., and the CIA protect him and keep him a secret. The story would focus on Big Foot and 2 undercover CIA agents going from place to place working on assignments for the agency.

This is just a basic idea I had the other day and I haven’t written anything for it quite yet, but if it’s something anyone is interested in then let’s get started. It wouldn’t be all drama or all comedy, but a mixture of both (with suspense thrown it).

Comment or message me if you’re interested.

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[W4A] Infinite Ammo - Video Game Thriller

In the future, video games are the ultimate escapism. Video game companies have found alternate realities and created “levels” of closed-off video games, where players take over the minds of residents of these worlds to play out their games. In the real world, there are Players and Architects and one more job—Munitions. Walden is the greatest Munitions expert of the Games. You play video games. Did you ever wonder who laid all of that ammo conveniently out along the trail? Walden did. 

But now a few players have gotten too smart and are out to play the game for their own ends. Setting their sights on Walden and his infinite ammo bag, these players (banded together from a handful of video game genres from fantasy to horror to steampunk and so on) are breaking the rules of the Games in order to get everything in the bag…and take their avatars into the real world. 

It’s up to Walden to cross the barrier, retrieve the infinite ammo, and save the real world from the Games themselves…

W4A looking for starters for just the first 8 pages of the first issue to send around for to potential publishers and further pages to come if it’s picked up by a publisher. For more information, contact !

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[A4W] Historical, Fantasy, Steampunk, Sci-fi…

Hey. I’m an aspiring illustrator looking to work on short stories. Favorite recent stuff has been Northlanders, Skyrim and John Carter, so something with historical concept work would be fun. I’m not necessarily married to fantasy or sci-fi though.
Sample art done for a workshop with someone from Dark Horse…

Conan sample

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[W4A] A Dark Age with a Dark Secret.

The story revolves around a main protagonist with an illusive past, which is steadily revealed over the course of the story. He is Indiana Jones meets Mad Max and living in the Dark Ages. The setting is a seemingly Middle Ages, but non-fantasy (ie, no magic, dragons or other races). This world does have, however, plenty of action, bandits, secret societies and organizations, beasts and other perils. There is a twist to the world I would rather not reveal here, but suffice it to say that there will be plenty of opportunity to draw decaying structures and interesting settings.

I’m looking to do this as a 4 issue series 10-15 pages, with several months between each release. I would like to publish it through an online publisher and I have a tentative agreement to release it through (at least) my LCS. The full treatment for the first issue is already complete and the second is almost complete.

I can be reached at

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[W4A] An Organization That Rescues Lost Time Travelers

 Basically there are all kinds of ways people can get stuck in the wrong time (time-skips, broken time machine, weeping angels, kidnapping, etc). So there is an organization that works to track down these people and return them to their proper times. The comic would be about this organization. I have a few ideas for specifics but nothing set in stone yet. I also know some of the characters (I wrote a short story about one of them) but the cast is still flexible.

I’m looking for an artist who is good at drawing people, particularly expressions, and can draw clothing of different time periods. Other than that, I’m not picky about style. I pretty much am thinking of this as a series of short stories but we’d start with one story (probably about 20 pages but it could be shorter) and see how it goes.

If you’re interested, you can contact me at

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[A4W] Concept artist - Superheros, Horror, Supernatural, Fantasy, Steampunk, Sci-fi…

I’m partial to fanatsy, superheroics, horror/thrillers, the paranormal, and western/steampunk. Or any piece with well-thought out characters.

Batman Adventures era RiddlerConcept sketch for a friend

Joker with clean lineart and flat color

Riddler facing off against Music Meister

My art can range from super deformed to semi-realistic. The strongest of my strengths revolve around characters, dynamic poses, and expression. Weakest are backgrounds. Colouring is somewhere in between.

I can either help you put together drawn out sample pages, or conceptual character art. This is useful when pitching projects to the few people who aren’t sold on words alone.

You can contact me through my email,, or through my tumblr (nuketastic). Full sized pieces of the artwork in this post, and more, may be found on my tumblr. Just be sure to check the “fanart” and “non-fanart” tags.

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[A4W] Okay, I’ll Give It a Go…

Batman "Cover"   She-Hulk   Demonsong   Tribal BirdMary Marvel   Poison Ivy   Monster League 'Cover'

I’m an artist with a day job (yeah I went all Capitalist-Job-Security with my life… How crazy is THAT). Scripted page(s) would be ideal for me to try my hand at sequentials, which I haven’t done in a while. My biggest challenge is finding the time to draw these days (Life, right?), but I’m willing to take a crack at it if I like the story/concept.

I can pencil pretty quickly, inking triples my turnaround, and coloring slows me to a glacial pace that’s about as much fun as watching techtonic shift.

I can draw pretty much any genre, and I tend to change my art to fit the content (comedic stuff is more cartoony, noir is grittier, etc.). You’ll find a lot of comic content in my DA Gallery, mostly DC, because I’ve been doing covers for the DC2 Fanfic site for a couple years. But I’m up for anything. :-)

Anyway, I’m flexible, capable, and interested. Lately I’ve been favoring a more fantasy/knights-and-dragons vibe if that floats your boat.

Oh, and one thing I don’t like to draw is manga. I have no problems with it as a look, per se. I just figure there are enough kids online calling themselves “Manga Artists” that the term kind of means “I won’t learn anatomy or proportion but I draw anyway”.

Note me or reblog if you have ideas or think you’d like my work for your project. :-)