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"If you are spending hours writing or reading fanfic, you COULD be making comics. If you are spending hours doing fanart, you COULD be making comics." -- Gail Simone

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[W4A] Psychics hunt strange beings that live tethered to normal people

This is a short story about a group of psychics dealing with supernatural creatures in an American city. Trouble also comes from fighting a war that the average person can’t understand or even see. If I’m wearing my influences on my sleeve, think one part X-Men to two parts Persona, but that’s only in terms of setting, not characters or plot.

The story itself is big, flashy action, as the psychics have a range of powers and hunt strange beings that live tethered to normal people. Aside from movement and action, the focus is on the humor that can be found in rounded, realistic people in these outrageous situations.

The piece I’m looking for an artist for is a short that takes place in a larger urban fantasy setting. I’d like to make a formal pitch using this setting in the near future and the psychics are side characters in that series. What I’m looking to make is a proof of concept, something that feels like a backup story.

In its current form, the story is five pages, but with a collaborator also keen to break in, it could be made into a full length issue. If you’ve got questions or think this sounds interesting, contact me through twitter (@Prof_Parallax).

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[W4A] Rizzolli & Isles + Xena + Batwoman

Hey folks!

It’s Esther Alperin a.k.a. ealperin.

My story, actually, started out as an idea for a short story in my creative writing course, at college, few years ago.

The gist of it is that there are two main characters, one is Josephine “Jo” Silvers, a metahuman homicide medical examiner, who moonlights as a superheroine, & the other is a Katherine “Katy” Mallory, a metahuman detective, who is, also, her partner/lover & moonlights, unbeknownst to Jo, at first, as a member of a metahuman taskforce/Justice Team that is trying to recruit Jo into their squad.

Think Rizzolli & Isles mixed with Xena, Powers, Batwoman by JHW the Third out now, Criminal Minds, & C.S.I.

Throw in some crime scenes that look..well…Superhuman/ inhumanly & physically impossible, & you’ve got what this is! ^___^

Now for the juicy part: Description. YAY! :)

Josephine, for me, is a mix of Angie Harmon, me (Yep. I did say that), Audrey Hepburn, & Elizabeth Taylor.

While Katherine reminds me if Halle Berry, Will Smith, &/or Samuel L Jackson had a lovechild with kickass dreadlocks. ;)

I’ve got a 6 page script set up, but it may need tweaking, as usual.

The, original, story, which I also need to fix up, in a couple of weeks, is on

If anyone, artist-wise, wants to look at the script, just pop in my askbox. ;)

P.s. I DO have an email, too. Just pop in my askbox, for it. I may ask you for yours as well, so I don’t end up getting shocked asking myself who the random emailers are who are bombarding my inbox. ;)

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[w4a] Cheat Codes for the Real World

A divorced single mom discovers the cheat code for infinite money in the real world.  Instead of using it to rule the world, she uses the code to save it.

The story will take place in the real world, with some small sci-fi/fantasy elements.  All art styles are welcome, but I’m looking for an artist who can draw a variety of body types, ages and ethnicities, as well as real architecture, fashion and technology.

Contact me at if interested.

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[W4A] Big Foot = CIA operative.

What if the reason no one has ever seen Big Foot is because he’s an assassin for the CIA? He killed Lincoln, JFK, etc., and the CIA protect him and keep him a secret. The story would focus on Big Foot and 2 undercover CIA agents going from place to place working on assignments for the agency.

This is just a basic idea I had the other day and I haven’t written anything for it quite yet, but if it’s something anyone is interested in then let’s get started. It wouldn’t be all drama or all comedy, but a mixture of both (with suspense thrown it).

Comment or message me if you’re interested.

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[W4A] Queens of the Damned

Concept: Three New Orleans drag queens fight werewolves, zombies, vampires, and other forces of darkness in an effort to stop an impending apocalypse. It’s a gender-bending, genre-mixing dark-adventure-comedy all wrapped into one little web comic. 

I’m looking for an artist/co-creator for this project. Open to any style of art.

E-mail me if your interested.

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[W4A] Deadlong, a fantasy-comedy webcomic-y epic-y thing

Colin is a farmhand, an unmemorable nobody in his small village. He’s also dead, but that’s the least of his problems. Having died with no deeds to his name and no one to miss him, he is condemned to spend eternity in Limbo; a broken version of the real world constructed from the memories of the living.

Naturally, Colin isn’t very happy about this, and rather than accept his lot he chooses instead to journey to Mount Palaverus to confront the Gods themselves. He is reluctantly accompanied by Pooka, a crotchetty demon who wants nothing more than to get Colin to sign the Limbo EULA and finish his shift.

The hope is to have a twice- or thrice-weekly webcomic, told in 3-to-5 panel strips, most likely in black and white. Ideally to feature an art style that walks the line between comic-strip cartoony and fantasy, but will consider more or less any approach if it works visually. Not aiming for anything “realistic” in terms of art style.

I can be reached via email, Twitter, or Tumblr. For other examples of my writnig check out Jump Leads and Boomer’s Day Off. Thanks for your time and consideration! :)

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[W4A] Magical paranormal investigator vs vampire Santa and his undead army, the naughty list

Howdy, all. Subject pretty much says it all. Jack Ardin is an immortal guardian against all things creepy. After all his years on the job, he’s a bit run-down, jaded, tired of the endless routine. Jack possesses both dark and light magical abilities and must maintain balance or the darkness will consume him (a story planned for another time).

In this three-part mini-series (at standard 20 pages per issue), Jack is drawn to a crime that leads him to believe a vampire struck on Christmas Eve and captured his long-time friend, Santa Claus. [They share some common origin stories]. As the story progresses, Jack starts to notice commonalities in the young victims: they all have stockings full of coal. Jack soon learns that the vampire he’s after is actually Santa himself, building an undead army of children off the naughty list, leading Jack to most dreadful confrontation of his long, long life. 

I see this book as black & white with maybe splashes of colors like the Sin City movie; maybe not. I wrote this script with a focus on visual storytelling. There are few captions and dialogue only where it’s necessary. I describe each page and panel as I see it, but am open to discussing any alternative ideas.

In terms of style, I try to keep an open mind. The script is noir-inspired with the hard-boiled detective angle. I could see a very simple style of line art with strong use of contrasting lights and darks (like something from a horror manga maybe). I could see a detailed realism. I’d be interested in looking at any style though. You never know when something might surprise you.

For starters, an 8-page sample would be enough to shop around to publishers. That seems to be the standard submission size. Or we can take the sample to Kickstarter for the self-publishing route.

A full script for issue #1 is viewable here. Anyone interested, please contact me at with links to your artwork. Please have actual full page samples, not just pin-ups or sketches. Thanks!

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[W4A] Infinite Ammo - Video Game Thriller

In the future, video games are the ultimate escapism. Video game companies have found alternate realities and created “levels” of closed-off video games, where players take over the minds of residents of these worlds to play out their games. In the real world, there are Players and Architects and one more job—Munitions. Walden is the greatest Munitions expert of the Games. You play video games. Did you ever wonder who laid all of that ammo conveniently out along the trail? Walden did. 

But now a few players have gotten too smart and are out to play the game for their own ends. Setting their sights on Walden and his infinite ammo bag, these players (banded together from a handful of video game genres from fantasy to horror to steampunk and so on) are breaking the rules of the Games in order to get everything in the bag…and take their avatars into the real world. 

It’s up to Walden to cross the barrier, retrieve the infinite ammo, and save the real world from the Games themselves…

W4A looking for starters for just the first 8 pages of the first issue to send around for to potential publishers and further pages to come if it’s picked up by a publisher. For more information, contact !